In 1966 which Governor of Punjab became the first administrator of the Union Territory of Chandigarh?
  • Hare Narayan
  • Siddhartha Shankar Ray
Which daily newspaper, founded at Lahore by Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia, shifted base to Chandigarh in 1966?
  • The Tribune
On October 27 1969, which protester demanding the inclusion of Chandigarh in Punjab State died on the 74th day of fasting?
  • Darshan Singh Pheruman
In the 1970s, which two places in Punjab were sought to be transferred to Haryana in exchange for Chandigarh?
  • Fazlika and Abohar
What did Le Corbusier system of road designed to separate traffic in Chandigarh, first employed by him in Bogota and Marseilles South?
  • Seven V's [Les Sept Voies]
What name did Le Corbusier give to the park area developed in the eroded streamed running through the city?
  • Valley of Leisure
Name Le Corbusier’ system of ‘Proportioning’, patented in 1947 as an invention, on which the geometric elements of Chandigarh are based?
  • Modular
Which 1941 Los Angeles project did Mayer city as the major source of inspiration for his Chandigarh plan?
  • Baldwin Hills Project
Which French Minister of Reconstruction and Planning first recommended Swiss architect and town planner Eduard Jeanneret or Le Corbusier, for the Chandigarh project?
  • Claudius Petit
In which South American city, developed in 1949, was the concept of urban ‘sectors’ widely used in the Chandigarh project?
  • Bogota
Which traditional Latin American housing plan with blocks of inward facing houses around a garden did Le Corbusier employ in Chandigarh?
  • Cuadra
Which innovative layout design widely employed in the Baldwin Hills Project formed the basic unit of Mayer’s plan for Chandigarh?
  • Superblock
For which candidate was Rajib Gandhi campaigning when he was killed at Sri Perumbudur near Madras?
  • Maragatham Chandrashekhar
On November 15, 1949, which conspirator was hanged along with Nathuram Godse for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi?
  • Narayan Apte
Which aide to the Secretary State for India did Madan Lal Dhingra assassinate London in 1909?
  • Sir William Curzon Wyllie