When multiplied by itself, which number is equal to 12,345,678,987,654,321?

  • 111,111,111

If a plane travels at a speed of 400 miles per hour, how many hours will it take to travel 3000 miles?

  • 7.5 hours
sell and profit analysis chart

The charts above show the number of cars John sold last year and the profit per car he made. How much did John earn last year?

  • $92,500 - $94,999
properties sold last month chart

The chart above shows how many properties an employee sold last month. What was the total number of properties sold last month?

  • 19

How old is John if, in 38 years, he will be 3 times as old as he is today?

  • 19 Years

Two train are running in opposite direction with speed of 62 km/hr and 40 km/hr respectively. If the length of one train is 250 meters and they cross each other in 18 seconds. The length of the other train is ___.

  • 260 meters

A train 100 meters in length passes a milestone in 10 seconds and another train of the same length travelling in opposite direction in 8 seconds. The speed of the second train is ___.

  • 54

A 150 meters long train crosses a man walking at the speed of 8 km/hr in the opposite direction in 6 seconds. The speed of the train in km/hr is ___.

  • 84

A train of length 150 meters takes 10 seconds to pass over another train 100 meters long coming from the opposite dirction. If the speed of the first train is 30 km/hr. The speed of the second train is ___.

  • 60

Two train of equal length are runing parallel lines in the same direction at the raTE 46 KM/HR AND 36 KM/HR. The faster train passed the slower train in 36 seconds. The length of each train is ___.

  • 50

Two train A and B start from station X and Y towards Y and X respectively. After passing each other, they take 4 hours 48 minutes and 3 hours 20 minutes to reach Y and X respectively. If train A is moving at 45 km/hr, then the speed of train B is ___.

  • 80

A train 50 meters long passes a platform 100 meters long in 10 seconds. The speed of the train ___.

  • 54

If a truck traveled 7 miles in 1 hour and 10 minutes, what was its speed in miles per hour?

  • 6

If jubair can paint a house in 4 hours, and Abdul Alim can paint the same house in 6 hours, how long will it take for both of them to paint the house together?

  • 2 hours and 24 minutes

If Abdul Karim can type a page in P minutes, what piece of the page can he do in 5 minutes?

  • 5/p

On a map 1/3 inch equals 15 miles. The distance between two towns on a map is 3.35 inches. How many miles are actually between the two towns?

  • 146.25 miles

A scale on a map states that every 1/4 of an inch represents 20 miles. If two cities are 3.5 inches apart, how many miles are actually between the two cities?

  • 280 miles

if a 1/4 of a teaspoon is 1 ml, then how many milliliteters are in 6 teaspoons?

  • 24 ml

It costs 10 paisa a kilometer to fly and 12 paisa a kilometer to drive. If you travel 200 kilometers, flying x kilometers of the distance and driving the rest, then the cost of the trip in Taka is ___.

  • 24-.02x

A ream of paper contains 480 sheets of paper. A certain box holds 16 reams. The number of sheets of paper in 5 of these boxes is ___.

  • 38400

A train traveling at 48 km/hr completely crosses another train having half its length and traveling in opposite direction at 42 km/hr, in 12 seconds. It alos passes a railway platform in 45 seconds. What is the length of the platform?

  • 400 m

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