‘A little learning is a dangerous thing’ quoted by?

  • Alexander Pope

Who is the father of English novel?

  • Henry Fielding

Who wrote ‘Hard Times’ and ‘A tale of two Cities’?

  • Charles Dickens

Who is called the poet of supernatural?

  • S. T. Coleridge

Who is the romantic precursor in English poetry?

  • William Blake

Who is the writer of “Absalom and Achitophel”?

  • John Dryden

What is the name of a modern philosopher, who was awarded Nobel Prize in literature?

  • Bertrand Russell

What is the name of first modern novel?

  • Pamala or Virtue

Who established the first English printing press?

  • William Caxton

Who is the modern English dramatist?

  • George Bernard Shaw

Who is the first modern novelist?

  • Samuel Richardson

Who is the controversy writer in Post-Modern period?

  • Ahmed Salman Rushdie

“went-home” means-

  • deeply appealed to

Who is the father of English essay?

  • Francis Bacon

Who was the greatest dramatist before Shakespeare?

  • Christopher Marlowe

What is the main theme of “Paradise Lost”?

  • Justify the ways of God to man

“Paradise Lost” is divided into ___

  • 12 Books

What is the first English comedy?

  • Ralph Roister Doister

Who is the leader of Metaphysical poetry?

  • John Donne

Who is called the Bird of Avon?

  • William Shakespeare

Who was the greatest dramatist of English literature?

  • William Shakespeare

Who is the father of English dramatic poetry?

  • Christopher Marlowe

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