Before the Angels and the Saxons ____ to England, the Liberians had lived there.

  • came

At first I did not like my job, but _________ to enjoy it now.

  • I'm beginning

I don’t understand this sentence. What ____?

  • does this word mean

Robert ____ away two or three times a year.

  • usually goes

How ____ now? Better than before?

  • you are feeling

It was boring weekend ____ anything.

  • I didn't do

Matt ____ while we are having dinner.

  • phoned

Jim on holiday. He ____ to Italy.

  • has been

Everything is going well. we ____ any problems so far.

  • haven't had

Sarah has lost her passport again. It’s the second time this ____.

  • has happened

You’r out of breath, ____?

  • have you been running

Where’s the book I gave you? What _________ with it?

  • have you done

‘____ each other for long time?’ ‘Yes, since we were at school.’

  • have you known

Rune has been working here ____.

  • for six months

It’s two years _________ Joe.

  • since I last saw

It ____ raining for a while, but now it’s raining again.

  • stopped

My mother ____ in Scotland.

  • grew up

_____ a lot of sweets when you were child?

  • did you eat

Karim _________ in Dhaka for ten years.Now he lives in London.

  • Lived

The man sitting next Tome on the plane was very nervous. He ____ before.

  • hadn't flown

_______a car when you were living in London?

  • did you have

Karima was sitting in an armchair resting. She was tired because ____ very hard.

  • she'd been working

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