A person whose ‘head’ is in the ‘clouds’ is –

  • a day dreamer

The second-anniversary celebration of our college will be held on December 15. Which of the following is the correct phrase for ‘will be held’ above?

  • comes off

He will come in no time. Here the idiom “in no time” means –

  • never in future

What is the meaning of ‘White Elephant’?

  • A very coslty or troublesome possession

Choose the appropriate meaning of the idiom “Swan song”.

  • last work

‘Boot leg’ means to-

  • smuggle

What is the meaning of the expression ‘bottom line’?

  • The essential point

What is the meaning of the idiom ‘a round dozen’?

  • a full dozen

Dog days means –

  • hot weather

What is the meaning of ‘Soft Soap’?

  • Flatter for self motives

The condition of most slum dwellers is so miserable that it cannot be described in words. – Which is the best phrase for the underlined expression?

  • beggars description

Not many people can commit such a heinous crime in cold blood. – What does the italicized idiom above mean?

  • in cool brain and calculated thought

The invention of computer has turned over a new leaf in the history of modern technology. – Which of the following is nearest in meaning to the underlined idiom above?

  • opened a new chapter

Maiden speech means?

  • First speech

Do you feel ____ taking a walk?

  • like

‘Cry wolf’ means?

  • Give a false alarm

Choose the phrase contains words opposed to each other in meaning?

  • reproduction and death

Complete the sentence with appropriate idiom. Never ____ the poor.

  • look down upon

‘At a low ebb’ means-

  • Decreasing

The phrase ‘in high spirits’ means-

  • cheerful

“hitting below the belt” means:

  • doing something unfair in a competition

“Bon voyage” means:

  • Wish you a good trip

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