Aerodynamics is an important part ____ NASA’s work

  • of

Botany is to plants as Zoology is to?

  • Animals

Maiden speech means?

  • First speech

She’s been very kind, ____ she?

  • hasn't

You’ve never had a girlfriend before, ____ you?

  • have

We’ve met before, ____?

  • haven't we

You haven’t been to Italy, ____?

  • have you

He’d done that before, ____ he?

  • hadn't

You’d never say such a thing behind my back, ____ you?

  • would

They won’t do that, ____?

  • will they

He played well yesterday, ____?

  • didn't he

You have no money to lend me, ____ you?

  • do

It’s been a long time since you’ve seen him, ____?

  • hasn't it

We can go out now; the danger is over, ____?

  • isn't it

A lot of money in the pocket makes one ____ happy.

  • feel

I would rather die than ____.

  • beg

The teacher made the children ____ the book.

  • read

The teacher failed to make the students ____ to him.

  • listen

I heard the baby ____ for his food.

  • cry

He did not let me ____ the guitar.

  • play

Abraham Lincoln ____ one of the great men of American history.

  • was

This children park ____ half an hour before sunset.

  • closes

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