Maiden speech means?

  • First speech

When did Afghanistan was admitted to the United Nations?

  • 19th November 1946

When is the independence day of Afghanistan?

  • 19 August

Who was the very first prime minister of Australia?

  • Edmund Barton
Ram Baran Yadav Image

Who was the very first president of Nepal?

  • Ram Baran Yadav

She’s been very kind, ____ she?

  • hasn't

You’ve never had a girlfriend before, ____ you?

  • have

‘Equality before law’ described in the article number ____ of our constitution?

  • 27

Tsunami is an indigenous word of ____?

  • Japan

Which one is dome size mount?

  • Henri mount

Kind of plain land is ____?

  • 2

What is the other name for a chip?

  • Integrated Circuit

Division of neucleosides is____?

  • 2

Pepsin found in____?

  • Stomach

What is (F)Florine’s melting point?

  • -233°C

How much spiracle do the cockroach has in their respiratory system?

  • 20

What is (Cl)Clarine’s melting point?

  • -103°C

What is (Br)Bromine’s melting point?

  • -7.2°C

What is (I)Iodine’s melting point?

  • 113°C

What is (F)Florine’s boiling point?

  • -187°C

What is (I)Iodine’s boiling point?

  • 183°C

Hydra has ____ digestion system?

  • 2

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